Test Consulting

Most relevant and effective Test Consulting - that gives your business just the right support it needs for Testing..

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Test Tool Support

Trying to figure out which tool to implement? Open Source or paid one? How to go for POC? How to get the support needed for the tool??

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Special Testing needs

GST Testing, mobile apps lab testing, performance, security or user experience testing - when you know what you want, we simply deliver.

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Yes, we test.

You most probably landed here because you are looking for some help on software testing. Don't waste your time trying to figure out if we can do it for you or not. Just ask us.

Your need could be about the strategy to take or tool implementation or support. We can handle these. We can also handle if your need is specific - where in your team knows what it needs but doesn't know how to plan it or get it executed.

We are busy working on User Acceptance Testing for our clients undergoing GST implementation. We are also working with start-ups in the US, Israel, Europe and India. However, we can definitely work with you if you reach out to us in time. What we don't do clearly is providing "resources" - specially human resources. We deal with testers but we like to work with them ourselves to solve your problem best.


Next Steps...

Share your need, ask your question, clarify your doubts...responses to these are NOT charged 🙂
Like we said above - don't waste time assuming - YES, we test software and we are really good at it. Just ask for what you need, so we set the CONTEXT!